Effective marketing tips for your pastry business

If you want your brick and mortar pastry business to be the next big attraction, you need to do a lot of things in the right way. Here are simple marketing tips which can actually draw a steady number of customers through your doors. Read on for more insight.

Create a connection with friendly greetings

Customers enjoy going to a bakery where, after a few stopovers, they are known by the employees and what pastries they love to order. In this regard, bakery owners should find a way to say hello to their customers. This may include having someone at the door to smile and welcome customers as they come inside the bakery. The lines of communication need to be kept open. If you have an online website, you need to respond quickly to email and queries from customers concerning your pastries and other bakery products available.

Be tempting

A great marketing tactic for bakeries is to always tempt your customer base with new things. As a baker, are you producing a new line of whole grain based breads, pizza crusts and rolls? These are examples of pastries that may be in demand by those who frequent your outlet. If you aren't sure what type of pastries they prefer, why not start up a conversation or conduct an online survey or ask them through the phone? By knowing what your customers want, you will be able to create tempting pastry offerings that will have them coming back for more.

Keep the 'scent' wafting in the air

Your bakery business needs to be accessible across social media platforms. Let your customers know about your latest pastries and breads. However, don't just sell all the time. Social media works well when it's a combination of conversation, promotion and content. Therefore, talk, share and sell in order to remain visible without bothering people.

Day old pastries offer

Probably you have pastries that are not selling as you would want to. Examples may include bread pudding and croutons. Well, you need to find a way to get them off the shelves. A good solution is to bundle them together with other in-demand pastry offerings to create a package deal that's even better. Moreover, that day-old cake or meat pie can be sold at 50 percent off in order to attract takers.

Everybody loves well-made pastries and you can help improve people's days and lives by offering delicious treats.